Endringsaktør: Anna Dolidze (28)

Stipendiat ved New York University School of Law med hjelp fra Scholars at Risk-nettverket.


“After finishing law school in my home country, Georgia, I started working as a regular lawyer. But after a while, I realized that if you perform your duties as a lawyer in an authoritarian regime, you just become part of the system. That is when I chose to become a policy lawyer, and started working with Young Lawyers Association, a union of young lawyers working to change the legal system. Many people within the legal system in Georgia have been there since the soviet times, and we believe that true democratic change takes new people with new thoughts.”

“As an activist for Young Lawyers Association, I ran into problems with the government, and the Scholars at Risk Network helped me find a place to breathe and think here at NYU. Here I study sociology of law and human rights.  And from here, it is easier for me to continue contributing to the fight for democratic change in Georgia.”

“Behind the new government’s democratic slogans is a semi authoritarian regime. I want to go back to Georgia, but I also want to live in a place, where I do not need to worry about tomorrow, and where I can expect my family to come home again when they leave – basic human security! And I hope to be part of the process that builds this society in Georgia.”

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Tusenvis i marsj for forskning

Tusenvis i marsj for forskning

"Dette er den første gangen jeg ser en så stor folkemengde samlet for å forsvare forskning. Det varmer, men jeg tror også det er uttrykk for noe som bør vekke bekymring", sa SAIHs leder Inga Marie Nymo Riseth under March of Science i Oslo, lørdag 22. april. 

SAIH deltar på March for Science

SAIH deltar på March for Science

Lørdag 22. april arrangeres March for Science i over 400 byer rundt om i verden. Marsjen er en markering for uavhengig forskning, kritisk tanke og fri forskningsformidling. SAIH har sluttet seg til marsjen i Norge og oppfordrer alle medlemmer og frivillige til å bli med.