El Fondo de Asistencia Internacional de los Estudiantes y Académicos Noruegos


The international fund student attendance and Norwegian scholars (AHIS) is the organization of international solidarity and cooperation of students and academics in Norway. With the motto "Education for liberation", AHIS wants to contribute to economic liberalization, political, social and cultural development in the South, and to strengthen international solidarity between students and academics in Norway and countries in the South. AHIS supports educational projects in Bolivia, Nicaragua, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and conducts information campaigns in Norway.

Since its founding in 1961, AHIS has conducted information campaigns in universities and colleges in Norway, on international issues. AHIS has local groups in about 12 Norwegian universities. They work voluntarily organizing seminars, parties, meetings, campaigns and other activities related to international issues.

AHIS not give funding to individuals, but cooperates with organizations and institutions in educational projects. Nothing AHIS supports projects in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. Projects are planned and implemented by local organizations, which AHIS has a close, transparent and mutually respectful relationship. AHIS supports projects both formal and informal Education, focusing on historically marginalized and discriminated groups, such as indigenous groups, women and youth.

Funding for the projects comes from the Norwegian government and Norwegian university students and academics. The most important contribution comes from the students, who pay a voluntary fee to cancel its biannual AHIS to college tuition.