I Am The Accused

I stand before you, my judges
My rulers, my oppressors, my accusors!
I stand before you accused
My crime is Being a Child

I am the innocent but accused
Sentenced to death before I was born
Denied before I was even concieved
Sentenced at birth to life imprisonment
Born to bondage, birth to life imprisonment
Born to bondage, slavery and solitary confinement
Born to be butchered, slaughtered and slatterned
Deomed to bear the brunt of all your curses

I am the accused
Beause I am the product of that baby you never wanted
Because I am that untimely baby that ruined your career
I am branded a brat!
As if I had no father and mother
Who joked and laughed when they coupled
I am branded a beast!
As if I have no home and a place to live

I am the labourer of your fields
I am the courier of your illicit drugs
I am the guinea pig of your medical experiments
I am the servant that cleans your filth
I am the maid that takes care of your babies
While I'm the one who should be fed, cleaned and cared for

Yousay I am a nuisance
Tell it to my face
Tell it to my face then
That you are sorry I was born
That I am the excuse for your hasty marriage
That I am the reason why you are poor
That I am the cause of all your troubles

Don't blame me if you failed to plan for your life
Don't sacrifice me if  you failed to pay for your debts
Don't sell me if you cannot earn a living
Don't spoil my chances for life because you are a failure
        Guilty or not gulity
I am just a mere child
Who should be loved, cared for and comforted
And not to be snared, thethered and slandered
         Is it a  crime to be a child?

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