The finalists for The Radi-Aid Awards 2016

The finalists for The Radi-Aid Awards 2016

Since 2013, the most offensive and compelling fundraising campaigns of the year have been awarded. From today, people all over the world are invited to vote for their favourites among the 2016 finalists, selected by an international jury.

- The goal with the awards is to change the way fundraising campaigns communicate and engage people in issues of poverty and development. The last two years have shown positive changes within this field, which is portrayed clearly through the Golden Radiator candidates, says Inga Nymo Riseth, President of SAIH.

There is still a lot of work to be done, she states. Among the nominees for the least prestigious Rusty Radiator award, we find adverts from World Vision and Compassion International promoting sponsorships programs. “The epitome of ‘poverty pornography”, “Presents children as passive and helpless victims", are among the jury’s comments.

- The whole sponsorship concept and the way this is communicated reinforces the white saviour complex. The rich donator is the hero in the story, while the children are depicted as mere objects and their parents are completely left out. Several NGOs have a system where you can choose gender, age and country, something which promotes a damaging view of humans, Riseth says.  

Here are the nominees

The nominees for the Golden Radiator 2016

Amnesty – Look beyond borders / 5 minutes of eye contact

The International HIV and Aids Alliance – A positive life

Plan International - Learn Without Fear

The nominees for the Rusty Radiator 2016

Save the Children Nederland - "Give to children like Jon. Donate now!"

World Vision Australia - A sponsored child's dreams

Compassion International - The Wait Is Over

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