All over the world, students and academics are fighting for their right to higher education and academic freedom. Some of them will risk losing their job, the chance of finishing their education, experience violence or arrest. In SAIH we are proud to support their struggle and we invite you to get involved. 

It is now easier than ever to get involved. Please find information on how to become a student activist here, or find information on how to become a SAIH-supporter below. 

Become a SAIH-supporter

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction is a service available for employees at NMBU, UiO, UiB, NTNU and UiT.
You can sign up for payroll deduction, here. Please note that our current form is only in Norwegian. 


Send an SMS using the code <SOLIDARITET> to 2380 and contribute with 150 NOK/month.
Are you a student? You can now contribute with SAIH-tenners on a regular basis. SMS <UTDANNING> to 2380 (40 NOK/month). 

Direct Debit (AvtaleGiro)

If you would like to make your contribution using Direct Debit (AvtaleGiro), please follow this link to our Norwegian online registration form. 


Would you like to make a single contribution? Use VIPPS and number 222 222.
Feel free to leave us a message to let us know who you are. 

Tax benefits

All supporters who contribute with 500 NOK or more in a year, can receive tax deductions. Please find more information, here