Fall Gathering 2013

I had no idea what to expect as I participated in the SAIH Fall Gathering this year. Being a new member, I decided to take all opportunities, and leave doubts behind with this promising organization so I packed my sleeping bag and toothbrush and headed out into my first experience with SAIH.

Off- loading my things from the bus, I got out and took in the fresh air of Nærnes. The activity ground was within a quaint community of residents. It was a calm and soothing place close to the sea.

Jolly participants

Jolly participants

My first sight of fellow activists was to be at dinner–served nearly immediately after arrival. I met some of the most active of the bunch, as well as some new members (even some internationals from America, Canada, the UK, Georgia, Germany, and others). They were great to talk to over lunch, and every other meal to follow.


We then proceeded to have a bonding session by the sea. I was tasked to gather wood for a bonfire, and that I did.


Bonfire lit

Bonfire lit

Through this activity, numerous conversations were sparked among the members of SAIH (with marshmallow, sausage, and beer in hand). I personally got to talk about the supernatural, and other such random topics. It was great fun, and I went to bed looking forward to the conversations to come.




The next day, the main topic of the gathering made its entrance. OPEN ACCESS.

Nick Shockey, the guest speaker, took the helm, and gave the participants a provocative, persuasive presentation.


Open access

Open access


Here’s what I got from it:

1.) We are the future. Why do you block our source of knowledge with prices we can’t afford?
2.) Knowledge, if opened up to the world will create great things
3.) If I was not in a university, my resources would be strictly limited
4.) We pay taxes for this, why the hell do we need to pay more?

Open Access

Open Access


Open access is all about allowing students to access academic journals via free databases. This not only makes research easier for us university students, it also creates opportunities for visionaries of every age, i.e. the information they need to fulfill their dreams will now be free of charge.


Open Access discussion

Open Access discussion

Following the presentation, we had activities like a race, some discussion, and Q&A all related to Open Access. And, it was apparent that many, if not all, the participants enjoyed running around and expressing their thoughts on the topic. Some of them even got to sing, or rant their hearts out at the poetry, singing competition.



After getting some rest, we would return to the site for a Danseband [a parody of] party. I didn’t know what a Danseband was, so I picked out a good dress shirt (I thought it was formal). It turns out, it really was a practical joke on Norwegian elders, and their parties.



The participants donned outfits that represented a sort of retro, silly feel. A mix of 50s and 60s style I could concur, but I’m not completely sure. The music in the background, I found out, was a sort of swing dance: a ballad type with cheesy lyrics, and I enjoyed it for the most part (Ha-ha).

The final day came, and with that, more emphasis on what it was to be part of SAIH. There were various workshops to help students know their role in the organization. What struck me was an early morning speech from one of the leaders. He helped me understand what it meant to be an activist, and how we are really helping as activists. To paraphrase it, he told us that many may doubt us, but they simply aren’t looking at the data properly.

After a last meal of leftovers (it was heavenly), we trotted back to the bus stop, and made our way home.
This experience is one to remember with so many opinions, and arguments going around. Indeed, it’s great to hear from fellow students around Norway.

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Seminar Access to Education

A visit from Tiril and Johanne as they explain their journeys through Bolivia and Nicaragua and the difficulties on education that the indigenous and Afro-descendants face there. Read more about it here! DSC04067

Continue reading

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SAIH Spring Gathering 2013: Latin America campaigning and creative madness!

One word: Awesome!2013-03-16 23.24.23

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Seminar Western Sahara

Shocking seminar on the issue of Western Sahara on the 13th of March. IMG_1146 Continue reading

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Celebration of International Women’s Day!

Succesful stand on the 8th of March by SAIH-Ås to celebrate International Women’s Day! IMG_1107 Continue reading

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Regnskap og budsjett hausten 2012 og budsjett våren 2013

Søknad om driftsmidler med budsjett va_r 2013

Regnskap og budsjett høst 2012

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Action plan 2013 and the Annual Report

Standardskjema for Årsmøterapport

Plan of action 2013

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Infomøte! / Info meeting!

Hei, folkens!

Semesteret har allerede startet for mange på Ås, og det er på tide å få igang SAIH igjen! Vi har infomøte tirsdag 21. august, kl 19.00 i P107 på Parkgården, kom kom!

Det blir pizza og brus og masse koselige folk, så det er ingen grunn til å ikke komme! :)

Og hvis du fortsatt lurer på om SAIH er noe for deg, eller om du egentlig passer inn, les dette her: Perleøredobber eller palestinaskjerf?

Vi sees!




Hi, people!

School has already started for many students at UMB, and SAIH Ås is ready to roll again! We are having an information meeting at the 21st of August, at 19.00 in P107 at Parkgården.

There will be free pizza and soda,  as well as new friends waiting for you. No reason not to come, really!

See you there!

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SAIH Ås og Ski Kino presenterer:

Førpremiere på The Lady på Ski Kino torsdag 26. april!

Dette er en av årets viktigste og mest gripende filmer, og handler om livet til Nobels Fredsprisvinner Aung San Suu Kyi. Vi ønsker med dette å sette fokus på politiske fanger og mennesker som er fengslet på grunn av sine meninger og ytringer.

Kun kr 50,- på førpremieren!

Gå inn på www.skikino.no for å lese mer om filmen og kjøpe billetter!

Ski cinema center and SAIH Ås Presents:

Pre-premier on The Lady on Thursday 26th of April at Ski Cinema Center.
Don’t miss the chance to this this gripping movie about Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi. The movie is about the Nobel Peace-price winners’ life, and with this movie we want to highlight the situation many political prisoner are in.

Only NOK 50,- at the pre-premier!

Go to www.skikino.no to read more about the movie and to book ticket!

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Movie night and launch of the new SAIH report

Exciting changes for the movie night and the lanch of the new SAIH report!

We are glad to welcome Innocent Sibanda and SAIH’s vice president, Nicklas Søsted Poulsen. Together they will present the new report “The language of the police batons” The report is about the attacks on teachers and students in Zimbabwe.

Innocent is a teacher from Zimbabwe and was formerly the national coordinator of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ). He has experienced first-hand the personal sacrifices that comes with working for a better education in Zimbabwe.

After the launch of the report we will show the movie Pray the Devil back to Hell.
The movie is about women’s struggle for peace in Liberia.

Meet up for an interesting night and free pizza!

Time and place:
19th of March at 19.00
In Sørhellinga Su 105

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