Celebration of International Women’s Day!

Succesful stand on the 8th of March by SAIH-Ås to celebrate International Women’s Day! IMG_1107On the 8th of March SAIH-Ås held a stand to celebrate International Women’s Day. In addition it was also a celebration of the 100th year anniversay since women in Norway have gotten the right to vote. The stand was very succesful as a great amount of students visited us. During this stand free cupcakes and cake was given to everyone (men and women) in order to celebrate.IMG_1112 There was also a bowl of facts where people could pick out a paper out of the bowl and learn about the struggles and achievements women have had. Such as for example didIMG_1113 you know that: Women only earn one tenth of the income, but do two thirds of all the work in the world. Or that: Rachel Zimmerman invented the Blissymbols (a software program of symbols that enable non-speaking people to communicate) at the age of 12! Women have made achievements through the years however they still find themselves in a constant struggle, especially for equality. This struggle is a hard one but not an impossible one! Everyone should join the struggle, and a way to do this is to celebrate women’s achievements! So keep on celebrating International Women’s Day. Finally we would just like to say Happy International Women’s Day for all women out there!

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