In a new anthology, 20 human rights defenders from Sub-Saharan Africa share their activist journeys and reveal what inspires their fight for LGBTIQ equality.

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, whatever your background, we invite you to find yourself in these stories. At their core, our hopes and dreams are universal. Our hopes and dreams are yours. - Brian Pellot, Taboom Media

More often than not, “making-of ” queer stories are characterised by experiences of hardship and pain, of rejection and discrimination. But the stories in this anthology, though sometimes difficult to confront, all come with messages of hope.

While some are deeply personal stories of self-discovery and acceptance, others chart the challenges LGBTIQ rights groups face in discriminatory environments. Common to all is the dreams for a better tomorrow.

Queer and ally artists bring each story to life with original illustrations. The result is a beautiful archive and powerful anthology of resilience.

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Hopes and dreams that sound like yours. - Stories of queer activism in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Hopes And Dreams Nett

GALA Queer Archive

Instead of allowing history to retroactively explain who we are, let us write and build our own nuanced history by telling our individual and collective stories. - Karin Tan, GALA Queer Archive

GALA is one of the oldest LGBT organizations in Africa. It was founded in 1997 to address the lack of LGBTIQ+ stories and experiences in official, established archives and museums in South Africa. In the years since then, the scope of GALAs work has expanded to include a range of activities such as youth and education work, exhibitions and publishing.

With support from SAIH, GALA works to increase knowledge and dialogue about sexual orientation and gender identity at higher education institutions in South Africa, through gatherings, workshops and support for relevant research projects.

Hopes and Dreams is made possible with support from SAIH.

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SAIH deltar i årets Pride-parade, og får besøk av samarbeidspartnere fra Sør-Afrika.

Skeives rettigheter: Framskrittene trues

Skeives rettigheter: Framskrittene trues

Muligheten til å være seg selv er ikke selvsagt for de av oss som bryter med samfunnets normer for kjønn og seksualitet, skriver Sunniva Folgen Høiskar, leder i SAIH og Marte Øien, leder i NSO til Dagbladet.

Ny kampanje: Domino-effekten

Ny kampanje: Domino-effekten

Hva skjer når kunnskap blir forbudt? Ny kampanje fra SAIH setter fokus på den globale anti-gender bevegelsen og angrepene på akademisk frihet.