SAIH in solidarity with students and academics in Iran

SAIH in solidarity with students and academics in Iran

Today, on Students Day in Iran, we wish to reaffirm our strong solidarity with the fearless student community in Iran. They continue to challenge, defy, and dismantle the Iranian regime, which goes on perpetrating atrocities and violence against all in the country.

Protesters met with excessive and lethal force

Since the onset of protests in Iran in September, the Iranian regime and its security forces have relentlessly targeted and attacked the student community who are leading the nation-wide protests in the country. By using excessive and lethal force, security forces have run over students at university campuses and schools.

These actions erode the fundamental values of education – freedom of thought, expression, and peaceful assembly.

Various reports show that in addition to police special forces, plain-clothed security forces have repeatedly stormed academic institutions and violently attacked student activists with baton beatings, teargas, and live ammunition.

Human rights organizations and activists in Iran report that since September 17:

  • 500 students have been arrested
  • 140 universities have been involved in the protests.
  • 18,000 protestors have been arrested
  • 473 protestors have been killed by the regime.

Some protestors have been condemned to death sentences for their involvement in the protests.

The Iranian regime must be held accountable

We continue to strongly deplore the violent repressive tactics, such as arbitrary detention, death penalty sentences, torture and sexual abuse in prison and physical violence perpetrated by the Iranian authorities.

We call upon in the strongest terms for them to end all forms of violence and abuse, release all protestors and impose a moratorium on death penalty.

The international community, including Norway, must continue its efforts to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its persistent, widespread, and systematic violations of human rights.

The student community in Iran is an extraordinary example of resilience, courage, and bravery for all of us.

SAIH stand in solidarity with students in Iran

University students and school children have unfailingly fought against, amongst other things, the imposition of mandatory hijab, limited social and political participation of women in society, and broader repressive actions and ideologies perpetrated by the Iranian regime.

Their actions demonstrate the immediate need for transformative change in the Iranian society, where everyone’s fundamental human rights are respected, protected, and promoted.

We stand in deep admiration and solidarity with the revolutionary student movement in Iran!

Jin, Jiyan, Azaadi (Woman, Life and Freedom)


Show your solidarity with students, academics and everyone in Iran by writing the slogan 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadi' or 'Woman, Life, Freedom' (English) on your hand.

Take a photo and post it on your favourite social media platform using the #studentsolidarity - and don`t forget to tag SAIH.

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