The Election Committee's recommendation for SAIH's Executive Committee 2023-2024.

The Election Committee's recommendation for SAIH's Executive Committee 2023-2024.

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President of SAIH: Selma Bratberg

The Election Committee recommends Selma Bratberg for president of SAIH for the period 1st of July 2023 to 30th of June 2024.

Selma Bratberg is an excellent candidate for the position of president in SAIH. She has been the vice-president of SAIH for the past two years and has before that held positions in the Information Committee and the National Council, as well been the president and treasurer of the SAIH Bislet local chapter.

She has in total over five years of experience in SAIH and has in these years gained a thorough understanding of SAIH. She has a reputation as a reliable and easy-to-work-with person both at the SAIH office and among local chapter activists. She shows strong motivation to continue working with on-going projects and processes in SAIH centrally and is also motivated to hear the opinions of SAIH’s local chapters and take them into consideration.

The Election Committee believes that Selma Bratberg as president will provide SAIH with continuity, expertise and strong leadership.

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Vice-president of SAIH: Anora Rusten

The election committee recommends Anora Rusten and Henriette Reierson Johnstone for vice-presidents of SAIH for the period 1st of July 2023 to 30th of June 2024.

Anora Rusten has been active in SAIH since 2018 and is currently a board member in SAIH Bergen and has been a member of the National Council for two years. She has previously been active in SAIH Stavanger. She also has many years of experience from youth politics in Norway and a relevant academic background as she is currently taking a master’s programme in Global Development.

The Election Committee sees Anora as a candidate who can contribute to the Executive Committee with her organisational and political experience, understanding of the local chapters’ needs and her energetic and easy-to-approach personality that will be beneficial when working with local chapters and members. She shows a good understanding of what being in the Executive Committee requires and is ready to take on the responsibility that comes with the vice-president role.

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vice-presidents of SAIH: Henriette Reierson Johnstone

Henriette Reierson Johnstone has been active in SAIH since 2020 and is currently a member of the Information Committee. She has a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies and is currently taking a one-year programme in History to further pursue her interest in international affairs. In the Information Committee she has worked closely with both the current Executive Committee and the secretariat and has shown great ability for teamwork. She is a person that others can rely on and who is not afraid of new challenges.

The Election Committee believes that her background from the Information Committee and her good relationship with Selma and the secretariat will ensure a good working environment in the Executive Committee and the office in general. Henriette also has knowledge of both SAIH’s political work in Norway and SAIH’s development work abroad.

The overall assessment for the Executive Committee

There are several good candidates for the Executive Committee in this year’s elections with different strengths and weaknesses. Selma Bratberg is the only candidate for president but there are a total of eight candidates for the two vice-president positions.

In our recommendation we have both considered the candidates individually and assessed which three candidates would form the most compatible team.

We find the three candidates recommended here to have skills and characteristics that complement each other and we are confident that they can work well together and that they together can provide SAIH strong leadership in the coming year, both in SAIH’s political and organisational work.

About the Election Committee

The Election Committee started its work in the autumn of 2022, and has participated at the fall gathering and winter gathering and presented to the National Council. The Election Committee has had conversations with local chapter activists and representatives from SAIH’s other member organisations, the current Executive Committee and the director of SAIH, as well as former SAIH activists.

The Election Committee’s recommendation for the Executive Committee is the result of a thorough assessment of the candidates’ skills and characteristics, the composition of candidates and how they will be able to cooperate, as well as the organisation’s needs. All candidates for the Executive Committee have been interviewed by the Election Committee.

The Election Committee was elected at the annual meeting in 2022, and consists of Martta Ojala and Netsai Marova.

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