Nominations for Radi-Aid Awards 2016

Nominations for Radi-Aid Awards 2016

The popular awards are back in December. Have you seen any creative or bad fundraising ads lately? Nominate your favorites now. 

The Radi-Aid Awards - previously named The Radiator Awards - is an anually event created by the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH), spawned by the satirical campaign and music video Radi-Aid: Africa for Norway in 2012.

By highlighting the best and worst charity ads of the year, the goal with the Radi-Aid Awards is to change the way fundraising campaigns communicate and engage people in issues of poverty and development.

For several years, SAIH has been engaged in questions around how the Western media, aid organizations and academia – our main communicators of information about Africa and development countries – often present an image which is lacking in nuance and focuses exclusively upon war, poverty and conflict. 

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Thea Willoch Njaastad, Vice President of SAIH and project manager of Radi-Aid 2016.

- Students and academics are important actors in society, which makes it essential that we also understand how the world really is. What we learn about the world through education at school, in the news and through aid communication should be nuanced and balanced and reflect the reality. Radi-Aid Awards is not only an event, but an important information campaign for SAIH, says Thea Willoch Njaastad, Vice President of SAIH and project manager for the Radi-Aid 2016.

Therefore, in line with previous years, this year's campaign will also consist of more elements than the awards only.

- We're hoping to reach as many people as possible,both in Norway and international. To reach that far, our experience is that creative tools can be very effective, Njaastad says.

This year’s award ceremony will be held in Oslo, Norway (live streaming online), on December 8th. Final nominees for each category will be announced by mid-November.

Nominations are open to the public until the beginning of November.

Read more about the Radi-Aid Awards and send us your nominations at

Click here to see the winners from 2015.

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