New app to save the Norwegians

New app to save the Norwegians

SAIH's new video Change A Life With Just One Swipe is the forth in a series of videos where we use humour and satire to illustrate the perception many people have of Africa, as well as the solution to the problems. 

- It is not the idea of giving that we are critizising, but how so-called symbolic gifts and sponsorship programs is communicated. We want people to be aware of the rhetoric these concepts are wrapped into. When the focus is merely on this little gift or child, it only reinforces the image of ourselves as the «white heroes» and «the others» as passive receivers, says Inga Nymo Riseth, SAIH's President.

The new video is an advert for a new app where Africans can donate gifts to Norwegians - and save their lives. The campaign video also marks the start of the international Radi-Aid Awards 2016. On December 8, this year’s most offensive and compelling fundraising campaigns have been awarded. From today, people all over the world are invited to vote for their favourites, selected by an international jury.

Is there also a real app? Check it out here!

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