Dear student, thank you for the tenners!

Dear student, thank you for the tenners!

A new semester is in full motion and the semester fee has been paid. Are you one of those that gave a little extra to SAIH? Here we explain how your contribution will come to use!

Every year more than 200 000 students contribute with a symbolic sum, in addition to their semester fee payment. The SAIH-tenners usually amounts to 40 NOK per semester, depending where you study. In 2016, students gathered more than 11 million NOK in total. This result shows that all efforts count- no matter how small it seems. So thank you so much to all that chose to contribute!


SAIH is the biggest solidarity organization for students and academics in Norway. We support 40 organizations in eight countries in Latin America, southern Africa, and Asia. Our motto is “education for liberation”. We believe that good education is one of the most effective tools we have, to combat poverty. Apart from working with development aid, we focus on advocacy work in Norway and internationally, in order to improve the conditions for education and development globally.

How the tenners are used

There are many good examples on how the tenners contribute to create small and big changes in the countries of our partners:

In Zimbabwe, the SAIH-tenners have contributed to strengthen organizations for students and academics, as well as given training in political advocacy and leadership. In addition, the support has gone to help arrested and expelled students, by assisting them with judicial and medical support.

In Nicaragua, support to teacher’s education has reduced the number of non-educated teachers in the RAAS-region from 80 to 33% over the past 18 years.

In Zambia, the student organization in collaboration with ZANEC (Zambia National Education Coalition), succeeded in gaining a political breakthrough when a new student loan scheme was approved. This is very important in a country where higher education has been a privilege for those who can pay for it.

For SAIH it is important that your contribution is used in the best way possible. In 2016, 90,8 % of our funding went to our programs and only 9 % to administration and fundraising. SAIH is also a member of the Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising. This means that our fundraising work is subject to specific guidelines and external control.

Read more about our work, here.

One coffee a Month

Living on a student loan in Norway, does not make you rich. Yet, we meet a lot of students who wants to get engaged. Can you afford to spend a cup of coffee a month, on international solidarity? Why not make SAIH and education your main cause. By sending a SMS with the code “UTDANNING” to 2380, you can contribute with 40 NOK a month.

See you on campus!

SAIH has local chapters at 11 universities and colleges around the country. In the beginning of each semester, they will organize stands and other activities around campus to tell you more about SAIH`s work, and thank you for the tenners. We hope you will get to meet our local activists and stop for a chat! You can find more information about local chapters, here.

For more Q&As about the SAIH-tenners, please follow this link. 

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Academic Freedom For All?

Academic Freedom For All?

SAIH and Scholars At Risk Norway proudly invite all interested individuals, organizations, academics and students to the seminar "Academic Freedom For All? Commercialisation & populism as rising threats to free research".

A voice that will not be silenced

A voice that will not be silenced

The Students at Risk programme has helped Joana Ruvimbo Mamombe continue her education after she endured sexual assault and beatings in her home country for activist work.