Run for elections in SAIH

Run for elections in SAIH

Are you interested in being an elected representative of Norway's largest solidarity organisation for students and academics? Here you will find all you need to run for a SAIH position.

The SAIH Annual Meeting is held 26th and 27th of April. Members from across the country gather to shape policy, decide what SAIH should work with the following year and not least choose who are to lead the organisation further. 

As elected representative in SAIH you have a big responsibility, it is very fun and educational, and you get experiences for life!

How to run for a position in SAIH 
It is possible to run for every position that is up for election at the Annual meeting. SAIH encourages everyone who is interested in running to send us a short motivational letter. Candidates for the Executive Committee and the Board send in motivational letters of maximum one A4 page of text with portrait photo and resumé. Candidates for other positions send motivational letters of maximum a half A4 page of text with portrait photo and no resumé. We encourage you to write both Norwegian and English versions, as we have several international delegates at the Annual Meeting. In the event that the letter is too long it is the candidate’s responsibility to shorten it.

All candidates will be interviewed. We ask that motivational letters are sent as soon as possible, so that we may start the work quickly and the motivational letters can be sent out with the case documents.

The deadline for sending motivational letters so that they may be included with case documents for the Annual Meeting is 26ht of March 2019. Do not wait until the last minute, please send earlier so that the Election Committe have sufficient time to make for a good process in their consideration of every candidate.

All information is sent to the Election Committee by e-mail:

According to privacy and GDPR regulations we will keep the information for only a limited period of time, and they will be deleted after the Annual Meeting.

Template for motivational letter:

  • Name
  • Which position are you running for
  • What is your connection to SAIH (local chapter/member organisation)
  • Motivation for running
  • Background
  • Visions for SAIH (this applies to candidates for the Executive Committee)

The Election Committee will consider organisational experience, SAIH experience, professional knowledge, personal suitability, local chapter or member affiliation, district considerations, gender balance, language skills and team composition in elections. The Election Committee will also consider whether the candidate has time to commit to a position in SAIH. The process of the Election Committee emphasises diversity.

Candidate tips? Do you know anyone who would be a good fit for a position in SAIH? Everyone may send tips to the Election Committee by e-mail:

The SAIH Election Committe is tasked with finding candidates for central positions in SAIH, and present a recommendation to the Annual Meeting. The Election Committee is always available for those that wish to get in contact, and will be present at SAIHs winter gathering in February.

All member organisations and local chapters are encouraged to tip the Election Committee about suitable candidates. 

The Election Committe aims to interview candidates, either by phone or in person, in the months before the Annual Meeting. The recommendation for Executive Committee will be made public two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting, and recommendation for other positions will be ready for the Annual Meeting and made public during it.

These are the positions:

The Executive Committee (EC) is SAIHs leader group and is in charge of SAIHs political work. EC consists of one president and two vice presidents. EC work full time at the SAIH offices in Oslo with the SAIH secretariat.

The Board is SAIHs highest decision-making body between Annual Meetings and has the superior responsibility for the organisational management. The Board meets around six times a year and consists of the Executive Committee and seven board members, as well as four deputy members. One board member with a personal deputy is to be appointed by The National Union of Students in Norway, and one board member with a personal deputy is to be appointed by an academic member organisation of SAIH. SAIH employees have one fixed space in the Board with a personal deputy. The rest of the board positions are free spaces, thus open to any who wish to run.

The National Council (NC) is advisory body to the Board, and is a good opportunity to influence SAIHs national budgets and strategies. The National Council normally gather three times a year. Two representatives of national student organisations are elected, one representative of an academic member organisation of SAIH, two representatives of the highest student bodies at universities and colleges, seven representatives of SAIH local chapters, one free representative and three deputy members.

The Information Committee (IC) work with the Executive Committee and the secretariat on SAIHs information work, political advocacy work and organisational tasks, thus getting familiar with the day to day work at the SAIH office. As member of IC one must have sufficient time for at least one day of volunteer work every week. Elected representatives of IC ideally live in or near Oslo due to frequent meetings with the Executive Committee.

The Election Committee is tasked with finding candidates for central positions in SAIH and give recommendations for possible supplement elections elected by the National Council. The Election Committee consists of three members chosen at the Annual Meeting.

The Control Committee (CC) Kontrollkomiteen (KK) control whether SAIH is run properly within Norwegian laws and in accordance with statues, policy and decided budgets. The Committee consists of three members who cannot hold any other positions in SAIH.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us.

The deadline for running has passed. Read the motivational letters we've received HERE.

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