Why apply for the SAIH-NOREC exchange

Why apply for the SAIH-NOREC exchange

SAIH currently hosts four Norec participants in Norway. This is why they think you should apply.

We hope the world has gone back to normal by August, but the situation due to Covid-19 is unpredictable. We will receive and process applications for SAIH-NOREC exchanges starting in August and September as normal and will inform applicants if we see the need to do changes. Application deadline: April 1st. See more info about the application process here. Read more about Norechere.

The exchange has opened me up to a different way of seeing the world and given me a new appreciation of the work other young people are doing in improving the world. (Thenjiwe Kalunga)

I wanted to broaden my understanding, meet other activists and have an opportunity to work for SAIH. (Alfred Nsama)

Both Thenjiwe and Alfred Nsama are from Zambia. They are on the youth exchange and former student from the University of Zambia, currently working with SAIH in Oslo, Norway. They are both passionate about projects they involve themselves in back home, as members of ZANEC (Zambia National Education Coalition), an organization advocating for quality education for all Zambians.

It has been an experience filled with new mind-blowing experiences where I have enjoyed learning how the systems work and how people relate to each other. (Desmond Sharukai)

Desmond Sharukai from SAIH’s partner YETT (Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust) in Zimbabwe. YETT is a youth-focused organisation dealing with different issues including but not limited to student academic freedoms, political advocacy and young women leadership Development.

More activists should participate in this program because it is a fulfilling experience which is not just about profession but about learning new cultures and different ways of doing things. (Ennie Makoni)

Ennie comes from a community-based organization in Zimbabwe called Patsaka, a partner of YETT, which creates platforms for resident engagement through radio and social media whilst also promoting youth empowerment on governance, democracy and human rights matters.

Both Ennie and Desmond are on the professional exchange and former student activists who now work with young people on diverse issues.

The participants have been involved in SAIH’s campaigns and projects working closely with the activists and staff.

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