2021: Can you hear me now?

2021: Can you hear me now?

You have probably been in the frustrating situation when you speak in a digital meeting, but no one seems to hear you because you forgot to unmute yourself. What if you were never heard?

In many places state authorities use different means to silence student activists who speak up for change. Surveillance, threats, violence and arbitrary arrests are common prize students in countries like Zimbabwe, Colombia, Belarus, Turkey or Hong Kong have to pay for speaking up.

The situation only got as the Covic19-pandemic have dominated the news, leaving many of those violations unnoticed.

Authoritarian leaders of several countries are trying to label student activists as trouble-makers, criminals or terrorists to paint them as dangerous and delegitimise their role as human rights defenders. We need your help to ‘unmute’ student activists, so world leaders get to hear their real story.

Student activists have to be recognised as human rights defenders

Student activists around the world are fighting for freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and democracy in countries where many don’t dare to speak up publicly.

- Student activists take great personal risk in their fight for a better society, and they deserve better protection, says SAIH-president Sunniva Folgen Høiskar

- The UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders requires states to protect their activists, yet we see that a number of countries do not fulfil their duties but on the contrary, it is often the states themselves who are oppressing student activists with violence, threats or arbitrary arrests, according to Høiskar

Help us unmute student activists.

New report: Students by day, rebels by night?

The new report “Students by day, rebels by night” is written by Chris Millora and Renee Karanungan on behalf of SAIH. The title stems from a quote of Filipino student activists explaining how their countries tries to portray them as enemies to delegitimise their activism. The report will be launched in a digital event on March 16 with a panel discussion. Read more about the event.

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SAIH Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

SAIH Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

SAIH strongly condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which constitutes an illegal act of aggression under the United Nation’s Charter. Our solidarity goes out to all of those affected by the war, whose lives are now interrupted by an unjustified conflict which will bring great economic consequences, more violations to human rights, stronger societal polarization, and the loss of innocent lives.