Activism under attack: The shrinking of civic space in Zimbabwe

Activism under attack: The shrinking of civic space in Zimbabwe

SAIH welcomes you to the Annual Meeting Seminar 2023. You can join us in Oslo or follow the live stream.

Time: Friday April 28th, from 10:00-11:30.
Place: Greenhouse, Oslo
Live stream:

Higher education institutions, and civic space in general, have increasingly become targets of authoritarian forces. SAIH’s recently published report, “Activism under attack” written by Professor Amy Kapit, looks at student activism in the context of rising authoritarianism and shrinking civic space.

The report provides an array of country cases, showcasing the global span of repression of student activism, and urges stakeholders at national, regional, and international levels to commit to the protection and promotion of student activism.

In this seminar we look closer at one of the cases from the report and learn more about how the shrinking of civic space is affecting students in Zimbabwe.

- How is the context of the upcoming election in Zimbabwe further adding to the pressure against student activists and civil society? And what can we as Norwegian higher education institutions, funders, and civil society organizations do to support civil society partners and counter the authoritarian trend of lawfare?


Introduction by SAIH President, Hector Ulloa.


  • Ashlegh Pfunye, National Coordinator, Zimbabwe National Students Union
  • Blessing Nyamaropa, Deputy Director, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights
  • Kjetil Østnor, Senior Adviser, Section for Civil Society in Norad

Please find the full report and summary, here.

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