Welcome to the SAIH fall gathering, September 22nd - 24th!

The gathering is open for SAIH`s local chapter activists, student democracies and other members of SAIH and will will take place at Strandheim Leirsted, outside of Oslo.

At the Fall Gathering you get the chance to meet engaged activists and members from the whole country.

The weekend will be a good mix of presentations, creative development and fun.


The gathering is open to all members and local chapters of SAIH.

Because of limited space, we are initially opening up for a maximum of 6 people from each local chapter, while other members can send only one participant each. If you want to send more, contact us by email: nestleder@saih.no. and we will look at the possibility of this after the deadline for signing up has passed.

Participation at the gathering is free for all members and local chapters.

This includes accommodation and food. SAIH covers the travel for 2 partcicipants per local chapter. If you want to send more participants and think this will strengthen local activity, you can consider using your Frifond-money to pay for the travel of more participants. Vi have also established a travel pot, where it is possible to apply for money to cover the travel for more participants.

Other members have to cover the travel themselves.

Further information regarding travel and the program will be sent to those who have registered. If you have any questions, contact us by email: nestleder@saih.no.

Sign up deadline: Sunday September 10th

Sign up

Which days would you like to participate
Which meals would you like?
Do you have any food allergies, preferences, etc
Do you understand Norwegian
I agree that my photo taken by SAIH's photographer(s) may be used freely by SAIH online as part of the organization's information activities
SAIH’s Fall Gathering shall be a safe place for all participants. Take care of each other and make sure you are inclusive and treat fellow participants with respect. We have zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination. If you experience serious conditions or behavior that violate our guidelines, we encourage you to report. In this way we can combat discrimination, harassment, unacceptable behavior and defaults. Do you want to read about SAIH's whistleblowing routines (unfortunately yet only in Norwegian), you can find more information here.

SAIH's privacy notice can be found here.

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