Education leads to more growth and less poverty. By collaborating with local organizations, SAIH supports long-term development work within higher education and training for younger people.

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SAIH collaborates with 30 organizations in seven countries in Latin America, southern Africa and Asia. We support projects that are initiated and run by local organizations.

Our shared vision is that everyone has access to inclusive and good education in a world with fair distribution, without any violation of democracy and human rights.

Our target groups are students and youth between 15 and 35 years, as well as academics and teachers within the education sector. We have a special focus on indigenous people, young women and LGBTIQ+ youth.

How we work:


Gather evidence of violations against student rights.


Training for marginalized groups, so that they know and can fight for their rights.


Carry out campaigns to mobilize support and improve the conditions for education and students’ rights globally.


Strengthen the rights of marginalized groups through new knowledge.

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