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Our partners in Bolivia:

Centro de Desarollo Integral de la Mujer Aymara ‘Amuyt’a’ (CDIMA)

CDIMA has been an important advocate for indigenous women’s rights and participation in society for the past 30 years. SAIH supports their education initiatives for women from rural areas focused on rights training, leadership skills and vocational education programs. Several of their graduates have reached decision making positions, ensuring CDIMA’s work has an impact at both the local and national level. Read more.

​Fundacion para la Educacion en Contextos de Multilinguismo y Pluriculturalidad

Since 2006, Funproeib Andes has worked to strengthen intercultural education with and for indigenous peoples throughout the region of Latin America. The foundation serves as a link between indigenous organizations, universities and civil society, enabling intercultural dialogue and concerted action in education in multiethnic, multicultural and multilingual contexts. Their work is a significant contribution to the interculturalization of higher education institutions, promoting the recognition and development of intercultural citizenships. With SAIH’s support, Funproeib Andes continues to strengthen indigenous and intercultural education, cultural and linguistic revitalization, and research production in the region. Read more.

Fe y Alegria

Fe y Alegría works to ensure marginalized groups and communities, educational opportunities and social development. Since 1966 Fe y Alegria has led a social movement to improve public education in Bolivia. In partnership with the Ministry of Education, Fe y Alegria is an important actor in providing intercultural education in Bolivia. The organization has established schools in underprivileged areas and is responsible for the administration of primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions. SAIH supports students continuing their education in vocational and technical training programs throughout several regions in Bolivia, with an emphasis on intercultural education and gender equality. Read more.

Adesproc Libertad GLBT

Adesproc Libertad GLBT advocate for the rights of LGBTIQ+ people in Bolivia and throughout the region of Latin America. SAIH supports their work to include perspectives related to sexual orientation and gender identity in higher education. To achieve this, Adesproc conducts workshops with students in universities throughout La Paz, focusing primarily on students in careers that will work with LGBTIQ+ populations, such as healthcare workers and psychologists. SAIH also supports research and knowledge production as well as psychosocial support to university students. Read more.

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