SAIH in Norway

SAIH in Norway

Through our advocacy work, SAIH aims to improve conditions for education and development globally. This involves changing attitudes and actions in Norway. In order to gain support for our goals, we work to influence Norwegian politics. SAIH`s information work strengthens this through awareness and mobilization, especially by students and academics.

SAIH’s volunteers play a central role for our results in Norway. They are organized in local chapters at universities and colleges all over Norway. Every year, between 200 and 300 events are held nationwide. It is easy to get involved in SAIH. If there is no local chapter at your campus, please contact us and we will help you get started!

Our work in Norway includes:

  • Giving persecuted students and academics the opportunity to complete their studies in Norway.
  • Pushing for Norwegian education institutions to implement human rights in their ethical guidelines.
  • Influencing the Norwegian government’s priorities in aid for education.
  • Raising critical debate concerning aid communication and the media's portrayal of development in the global South.

For more information about our advocacy work, please contact:

photo of Stian Amadeus Antonsen

Stian Amadeus Antonsen

Policy advisor
(+47) 481 05 791