SAIH tenners

While we walk around free on campus, can study and express ourselves politically about what we want, the situation is quite different for countless students and academics in several parts of the world.

SAIH wants to do something about this!

Every year, more than 200,000 students at universities and colleges across Norway contribute with SAIH tenners. The money raised through this goes to our projects in higher education, human rights and academic free in Bolivia, Colombia, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Myanmar, and towards information work and political influence in Norway.

Over 90% of the money SAIH fundraises goes directly to our projects, while less than 10% goes to administration and fundraising.


It is the students' own parliaments that choose to join SAIH and introduce the tenners. The SAIH tenners are administered together with the semester fee. The tenners must be voluntary. If the institution does not have its own system for refund, you can get the money refunded by SAIH. SAIH encourages the institutions to have a reservation system. The tenners as it is today has been approved in accordance with the “Lov om Samskipnader § 10 (and § 16 in the regulations)”.


SAIH collaborates with over 40 local partners in higher education, human rights and academic freedom in Latin America, Southern Africa and Asia. This includes support for politically arrested and expelled students, leadership training for young women, information and training on sexual and reproductive rights, in-service training of teachers and so much more. Read more about it in “SAIH in the world”. The SAIH tenners also goes towards SAIH's political advocacy work. In recent years, we have, among other things, been a key driver for the establishment of the Norwegian Scholars at Risk section in 2011, and the Norwegian pilot «Students at Risk», which we are now working to make permanent.

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