SAIH Autumn Gathering 2015

SAIH Autumn Gathering 2015

We traveled all the way down to Nærsnes in Røyken kommune to be part of SAIH's national autumn gathering 2015! Together with over 90 activists from local chapters all over Norway, we took part in a social and educational weekend consisting of workshops, games and presentations.

‘Africa for Norway Campaign’ and “our image of the South”

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The 'Africa for Norway' campaign, coming up from the 26 of October, was a central part of the discussions during the weekend. Together with the other local chapters, we came up with ideas for activities creating awareness and information regarding the diverse and interesting continent of Africa. The aim is to fight generalized and stereotyped impressions of African countries. In the local chapter, we have already started deciding activities for the campaign, and we are looking forward to see YOU be part of it in a few weeks!

To read more about 'Africa for Norway' go to SAIH - "Africa for Norway'

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'Lion King' - theme party on Saturday

In addition to the 'Africa for Norway Campaign' we learnt about some of SAIH's projects: Samuel and Patience from the peace corpse exchange program told us about women rights programmes and the struggle and work for academic freedom in Zimbabwe. We also got an interesting presentation of the 'tenners' and how they are spent in SAIH's development aid projects supporting 40 local organizational projects when it comes to higher education, research and training. The 'tenners' makes it possible for SAIH to give support to teacher-education in the RAAS - region in Nicaragua and to help political arrested and expelled students in Zimbabwe. These are just two examples among many!

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Inga looking great!

Why join the SAIH gatherings?

SAIH arranges gatherings every year (winter, summer and autumn). Participating on a gathering is a opportunity for you to meet other activists (also the board), to learn more about SAIH's work and our projects that we support in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Bolivia, Colombia and Nicaragua. You can also join workshops like "social media course", "writing about the south", "local chapter economic course", and discuss other current issues you find interesting.

Most of all, joining a gathering, give you more insight into SAIH as an organization, and (in our opinion) motivation to become a super-SAIH-activist!

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-Ane, Julie, Kathrin and Lina