Prize Laureates

The Please Prize 2016 is awarded to President of the Western Sahara H.E. Mohamed
Abdelaziz, His Majesty King Muhammed VI of Morocco and the Prime Minister of
Norway Erna Solberg for

"the potential peace process between the people of Western Sahara and the Moroccan Kingdom, leading to the self-determination of the Saharawi people."

After 40 years of conflict, peace in Western Sahara is long overdue. The Committee truly believes that the three together can solve the disputes over Africa's last remaining colony.

Erna-Solberg rund

The Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg
For Norway's international dedication to human rights and its prominent role in several peace negotiations. The prime minister of Norway Erna Solberg has the opportunity to harness the strong Norwegian commitment for peace in Western Sahara, into concrete measures for peace.

President-VS rund

President of Western Sahara H.E. Mohamed Abdelaziz
For acting as a unifying figure as well as demonstrating willingness to dialogue. Under his leadership, the Saharawi people has fought a peaceful and nonviolent struggle for self-determination that stands out as a shining example for other liberation movements.

Kongen-av-Marokko rund

His Majesty King Muhammed VI of Morocco
For Morocco's great potential to keep advancing in terms of respecting, protecting and fulfilling the fundamental human rights of all people, including the Saharawi people´s right to self-determination.

The Please Prize includes a personal diploma, a medal and a set of expectations:

Please: Western Sahara, continue your legitimate struggle by peaceful means.

Please: Morocco, respect the fundamental right to self-determination.

Please: Norway, initiate new negotiations, anchored in international law and the Settlement Plan from 1991.

Please: make peace!

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Behind every great man there’s an even greater woman. @erna_solberg help @RoiMohammedVI and mr Abdelaziz make peace #PleasePrize!

Hele Norge støtter deg, @erna_solberg. Please, make peace! #WesternSahara #PleasePrize