SAIH Fall gathering 2016

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From 30 September 2016 to 2 October 2016, SAIH held its annual fall gathering at Strandheim Leirsted in Nærsnes. The activity provided a platform for SAIH activists from all the 11 chapters countrywide to meet and discuss the progress they are making in their individual chapters. The participants were also updated on the various campaigns SAIH is running and the role they can play as local chapters.

The weekend started with over 70 participants from different SAIH local chapters registering. The President of SAIH, Inga gave a presentation about SAIH and its history to all the activists. This was followed with a quiz, which was won by the group ‘All Stars’. The prize was a pack of goodies. These they happily shared with all the other participants, which I must say thoroughly, enjoyed the fun in all the quiz questions.

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The second day kick started with a yoga session and after breakfast, the election committee, represented by Nicklas, introduced the various positions in SAIH and how one could contribute as a member of SAIH. These included the board, the executive committee and all the various committees that move forward the SAIH agenda. This was promptly followed by the FK Norway exchange participants presenting themselves and the work done under SAIH. Anne-Marit and Stian held a presentation about how they worked with SAIH partner organizations in Zimbabwe for the year they were on exchange. The report was an inspiration to some of the new SAIH members, who got to hear what their solidarity meant to other students and activists in SAIHs’ partner organizations. Taziwa and Valerie from Zimbabwe, who are now on exchange, explained their work as well as expectations from their exchange to Norway for the year.

The participants were then split into three groups, which worked on different themes: economic workshop, SAIH in 1-2-3 and the social media campaign group. All the groups were aiming at capacitating the participants in representing SAIH, as well as engage in solidarity with partner organizations and/or other people who may want to join SAIH and its work.

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The organizational vice-president Thea presented the fall campaign Radi-Aid. The use of stereotypes was also discussed. The local chapters, in mixed groups thought out new plans or improved on known working ideas to get people to stop the use of stereotypes.  Beathe gave a brief introduction of the work of the campaign committee and presented the outline for the coming political campaign in spring 2017.

The day ended with a lot of fun with a Latino-carnival themed party. The local chapter from Ås won the prize for best local chapter costume. The best individual costume was won by Ekaterina from SAIH Bodø.

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On the last day of the fall gathering the FK Youth participants introduced gender equality in various sectors of the world. Issues discussed included sexuality, reproduction, health and human rights. This was followed by presentations about Operation Days’ Work and the project in Colombia to support peace and education for youth there. This presentation aimed at engaging more volunteers to hold the presentation for the young people in Norway and motivate them to take part in the Operation Days’ Work.

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The fall gathering ended with an evaluation, which showed that the participants had enjoyed an educational and social weekend, with renewed motivation to represent SAIH in the coming year.

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