Since 2015, SAIH has hosted 22 NOREC participants from its partners across Africa. NOREC (former Fredskorpset/ FK Norway) facilitates mutual exchange of members or employees between companies or institutions in different countries. This year, we are hosting 4 participants from Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Although they are from different countries, they all represent the youth in Southern Africa from both higher education institutions and communities. Desmond Sharukai and Ennie Makoni from Zimbabwe who are on the professional exchange, are both former student activists who now work with young people on diverse issues including civic and political education.

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Desmond Sharukai, YETT (Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust).

Desmond is from YETT (Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust) a youth-focused organisation dealing with different issues including but not limited to student academic freedoms, political advocacy and young women leadership development. Even though this is his first month with SAIH, he had this to say about the exchange:

- It has offered an enlightening perspective to my understanding of solidarity and the work that SAIH does in terms of supporting academic freedoms in Southern Africa.

The other participant, Ennie is a gender and political activist who comes from a community-based organisation called Patsaka Trust in Kariba, a small town north of Zimbabwe. Patsaka is a partner organisation of YETT which creates platforms for resident engagement through media (radio and social media) whilst also promoting youth empowerment on governance, democracy and human rights matters. She is passionate about advancing meaningful youth and women participation in governance and decision-making processes in Zimbabwe and hopes that the exchange will help her to promote this cause effectively.

Tenjiwe Kalunga and Alfred Nsama from Zambia have also been very effective change makers in their country. They are both from ZANEC (Zambia National Education Coalition), the leading educational organisation in Zambia.

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Tenjiwe Kalung, ZANEC (Zambia National Education Coalition).

Tenjiwe who is 24 years old has been an SRHR (sexual reproductive health and rights) advocate since 2017. She has coordinated 3 programs on SRHR and is part of the Youth for Parliament social movement which draws membership from grassroots institutions/organisations. She would like to continue engaging in SRHR back in Zambia especially in Higher tertiary institutions and she intends to take a career path in Human Rights advocacy.

- The program offers a great platform for young people to interact, learn more about different cultures and issues affecting young people around the world and creates a good path for young professionals. Tenjiwe Kalung

Alfred is an economic development researcher who has carried out research on social and economic transformation in southern Africa. He believes that, the exchange program will provide a broader perspective and exposure of different working cultures and help him to research further on how Africa can advance its socio-economic structure.

We wish them well in their stay here and we hope that they learn and share their experiences for the betterment of the organisation and the future of their countries.

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Studenter er utsatt for angrep globalt

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