SAIH seeks report writer

SAIH seeks report writer

SAIH seeks report writer on SOGIE and academic freedom as a part of our annual political campaign.

In 2020, the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH) will have a campaign about discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and gender expression (SOGIE) within the higher education sector internationally. As part of this campaign, we will publish a report that explores the link between breaches to academic freedom and discrimination based on SOGIE. Writing the report is a paid assignment that should be completed within 20 working days, and completed no later than January 24th 2020.


A report consisting of app. 25-30 pages in English. We search for both Norwegian and international report authors. The report will be printed and made available online.


Expected working period: 20 days, or 150 working hours. Starting date: as soon as possible.

Target group

Students and academics in Norway are the main target group. Other relevant target groups are policymakers and politicians, as the report will form the base for further advocacy work. Organizations working on academic freedom and SOGIE will also be relevant, both in Norway and in the global south.


The report will be used in SAIH’s advocacy work towards Norwegian politicians and international actors, in order to put academic freedom and SOGIE on the political agenda, and to push for awareness of the threats posed to academic freedom by the global backlash against LGBT+ rights. The report should explore whether and how research and education can be counter narratives to this backlash. It would be preferable if the report could also be used by civil society organizations, especially in the global south, in their advocacy work for academic freedom and SOGIE rights.


Transnational “anti-gender” movements are on the rise, and the last decade has shown a number of attacks on gender equality and LGBT+ activists, politicians and gender researchers, as well as other students and academics raising and/or researching SOGIE-related issues. Although national triggers vary (abortion and reproductive rights, same-sex marriage, LGBT+ parental rights, gender mainstreaming, gender violence, sex education, anti-discrimination policies and so on), the “anti-gender” campaigners blame what they have coined as“gender ideology”. Students and academics must be able to speak and write a about SOGIE-related topics without fear of discrimination, harassment or any other sanctions. The “anti gender” movements and their agendas are becoming increasingly visible and are gaining influence, both in the public and among decision-makers. Gender research institutions are often the first to suffer in countries where democracy and freedom of speech are under attack. In Hungary it is now no longer possible to study gender research after the government through elaborate judicial procedures has put in place a de facto ban on gender research in the country. The same tendencies are curbing academic freedom in Poland and Brazil.


The report will provide an insight into the ideological backdrop of “anti-gender” movements, and how they are attacking “gender ideology”, gender researchers, students and academics raising and/or researching SOGIE-related issues and thus present a threat to academic freedom. The goal of the report is to show the link between breaches to academic freedom and this backlash.  It is important to gain insight into the global scope of the situation and underline these movement`s particular profile in the wider landscape of opposition to feminism and LGBT+ rights. The report should also provide a brief analysis of how students, academics and civil society groups are fighting for their rights to freedom of speech and assembly, and what tactics they are using in the era of shrinking space.

The report should be grounded in theory and include a wide range of sources. The report should also have case examples from some of SAIHs partner countries (SAIH works in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Colombia, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Myanmar), but also other countries defined relevant by the report writer in collaboration with SAIH.

Lastly, the report should come with concrete policy recommendations, both to the Norwegian government, higher education institutions and international actors.

A more detailed description of the content and what type of recommendations the report should give will be discussed with the report writer prior to the assignment.

 Applicants should:

  • Have a research interest in academic freedom and SOGIE, and knowledge of both fields.
  • Have access to networks or resource personnel who can assist the writer to identify relevant case studies.
  • Be on schedule and used to work with deadlines.
  • Be skilled in consistent use of references.
  • Be experienced in analyzing and contextualizing data.
  • Have a bachelor/master’s degree in a relevant field (sociology, gender studies, political science etc.).
  • Have strong writing and oral communication skills in English.

Applicants who will be favoured have:

  • Experience working with civil society and human rights.
  • Report writing experience.
  • Relevant experience as a volunteer or a professional in organizations similar to SAIH.
  • Proficiency in Spanish, as many of SAIHs relevant partner organizations are Spanish-speaking.

The task can be solved by one writer/researcher with an overview of the field, a team of writers, a consultant functioning as an editor with external chapter writers or otherwise.

Report specification

SAIH will use the report for advocacy and information activities. It is therefore necessary that the language in the report is clear and easily accessible. Parts of the report will be reused by SAIH in brochures, web articles and other forms of information material. We therefore seek a creative and experienced report writer. However, the report author will not be tasked with designing the report.

The report should be delivered in an electronic version, in English. The report is expected to be approximately 25-30 full text pages long. SAIH will organize and cover the costs for design and printing the report on a separate budget.


The total cost of writing the report should not exceed 80.000 NOK (including VAT).

Submission of bid should contain:

  • Profile of the writer/researcher (motivational letter and CV) with traceable references and copies of/links to previous writings.
  • A brief layout and a breakdown of how the writer/researcher understands and plans carry out the assignment.
  • A budget.

Inception report

A brief inception report is expected as part of the initial phase, for clarification between the writer/researcher and SAIH.

Application deadline is November 15th 2019

Please send your application to with subject: application report author

For questions regarding the report, please contact Political Advisor Stian Amadeus Antonsen, or Vice President in SAIH Rebekka Ringholm,

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