Local chapters

Student? Join one of SAIH`s local chapters! Your activist future is just one click away.

SAIH has local chapters at colleges and universities across the country. As a SAIH activist, there are many exciting activities you can take part in and a lot to learn.

Check out the list below! If you can´t find a local chapter at your institution, get in touch and we will help you get started.

What`s in it for me?

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It is incredibly fun and social to be part of SAIH. You will get to know students across fields of study and cohorts, and at our gatherings you will also meet activists from countries in Latin America, Asia and southern Africa.

Most local chapters meet once a week to plan activities such as debates, film screenings and campaigns. Other than that it is up to you how much time you want to spend.

Through positions and responsibilities, you get unique work experience related to leadership, campaign work, advocacy work, social media, economics, international issues, solidarity work, and more (which also looks great on your CV!).

As a volunteer you can work with many interesting and important topics, such as attacks on student activists in Zimbabwe, access to higher education in Colombia, safe universities for LGBTI + students in southern Africa, discrimination against ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples in the education system, and more.

Great! How can I get started?

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Contact your local chapter (list below) and wait for an invite to our next local chapter meeting.

If you can´t find a local chapter at your institution, contact us at saih@saih.no and we will help you get started :-)